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SUBMERGED by Nick Gentry b a d c
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Jazz man by lOst-ParadigmS b a d c
geekleetist: Big pimpin Voltron by Hillary White - Society6 b a d c
La Durée poignardée (Time Transfixed) by Rene Magritte b a d c

I am not certain what the Great Man would have though of this Expressionistic portrait. Being a dedicated realist painter himself, he might have thought it—well, rather weird. But a man of such passion and energy deserves a bit more than the black and white photos by which we remember him.
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 Pat MethenyCopyright © Massimo Chioccia. All Rights Reserved.
All About Jazz
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art-and-dream: by Andrian Bekiarov b a d c

“Saturday Morning Sanctuary”My piece for the group show “Happy Little Trees”, a tribute to Bob Ross opening September 27th at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland OR.
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Zeng Hao. 13:10 pm, 26 June, 2003, 2003. Oil on canvas, 200 x 260 cm.
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